everyone has a story. and everyone loves a good story. we are hardwired for stories. they show who people are, what they’re about, where they’ve come from, and most importantly, where they’re going.

i want to share with you some of mine and GOD’s story. i’m going to keep it brief, so if you’d like the full picture, let’s go grab coffee or something.

i write music. it’s like, what i do. i went to school for it, totally immersed myself into that world, and had big dreams of becoming the next hollywood blockbuster hot-shot film composer. but then last year, when i finished school, i hit rock bottom. like, hardcore. it was more than just the post-college-grad-millennial-slump that plagues my generation. it was a complete dead end. after months of denying i was struggling, i finally admitted i couldn’t do it on my own and that i needed help.

so that’s where GOD came in. HE picked me up. brushed me off. told me that i’d been looking for love and life in all of the wrong places, and that HE alone is love and life. HE asked me to give HIM a chance and trust HIM to be the source of my love and life. and HE’s completely transformed me, my heart, and my life. it’s been amazing. HE’s amazing.

throughout the midst of it, i wrote songs to help me process everything i was encountering. i didn’t share them with anyone except for two of my closest friends. 

then HE told me - find vocalists, produce the songs, and release them to the public. honestly, i didn’t want to. the songs i had written were really just for me and HIM. but HE wouldn’t let me say no. so, here we are. UNrefined was born.

unrefined means “something that is not pure or perfected”. and that’s me. i am unrefined. i totally relate to Paul when he says:

not that i have already obtained this or am already perfect, but i press on…because CHRIST JESUS has made me HIS own. brothers, i do not consider that i have made it…but one thing i do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, i press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of GOD in CHRIST JESUS.
— philippians 3:12-14

i’m not perfect. i’m far from it. i haven’t “made it”. i’m not “there” yet, wherever there is. but i’m pressing on, cause JESUS. and this is just part of that journey.

UNrefined is the “artist name” that i’ve decided to release all of this music under. it’s a music collective. there really are no “official” members. i write the songs, find the vocalists, produce the tracks.

i would love to sit down and produce album after album, but i can’t. i don’t have the time or resources. so i’m going to release the songs as i finish them, one song at a time. instead of doing albums or EPs, I’m going to do seasons. (more on that to come.)

thanks for taking the time to be on this journey with me. it’ll be fun. :)